New Mama Bundle

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Introducing our New Mumma Bundle
Complete Colostrum Collection Kit, Mumu Breast Milk Collector & Breast Milk EcoPods

The ultimate companion for new mothers embarking on their breastfeeding journey! This comprehensive bundle includes the Complete Colostrum Collection Kit, Mumu Breastmilk Collector and our innovative Breast Milk EcoPods. The Colostrum Collection Kit ensures the safe and efficient harvesting of nutrient-rich first milk, while the Mumu Breastmilk Collector simplifies the collection of precious breastmilk. As the perfect finale to this bundle, our Breast Milk EcoPods offer an eco-friendly and reusable solution for storing and organizing breast milk with convenience and sustainability in mind. Embrace motherhood with confidence and ease, and make every moment count with the New Mumma Bundle – your all-in-one solution for a seamless breastfeeding experience.