Milkco Product Information

Our individual products have been carefully designed and chosen to ensure they are the most appropriate and safest for colostrum collection, storage and feeding, especially in the event a feeding system is required. 

At Milkco we feel a shared responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and, where possible, our products and packaging are made from recyclable materials or made to be reused again for alternative purposes. 


Enteral syringes

These sterile syringes are safe enteral feeding syringes designed for neonates and children. They are compliant with ISO 80369-3 and are fitted with a purple plunger and identification marking, enabling instant identification for enteral use.

The use of enteral syringes if connected to a delivery system should only be done under the supervision of your health care team.


Syringe Labels

Syringe labels are made from a waterproof material so you can detail your name and the date of expression collected to ensure correct identification of stored syringes at all times. Please take extra care removing the labels from the backing paper.


Measured Container

The measured containers come E.T.O sterilized and following their first use can be washed in warm soapy water or washed in the dishwasher.


Freezer Bags

Our waterproof reusable freezer bags are made from recyclable food grade PEVA material. These can be washed in warm water and used again for any day-to-day uses once you no longer require them for colostrum storage.


Syringe Warming Cup

This cup has been designed with a suction bottom to ensure warming syringes remain stable. It is made of soft, flexible, food-grade silicone material and can be washed in warm water and used again. This will make the ideal first food bowl when the time comes for solids as it will stay in place.


Milkco Cooler Bag

Our insulated cooler bag has been tailor-made to size to ensure adequate space for your expressed colostrum (fresh or frozen) to be transported to hospital. You will need to add an ice brick to maintain the temperature. This bag is the perfect size to be used again for many different purposes.